Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The little red hens are: Kimberly,Meliors, Martha, Judy and Loretta

I have spoken with many of my lovely aunties and mother and cousins. They all are looking on Nourish us frequently looking for a treat or a story. They all have many stories to share and I have offered to post for the feint of heart. So bring me your stories ladies and I will post them. Betty, Edwina, and Jessie. I will accept hand written scraps of paper, emails or whatever you can send. Lets keep this beautiful site alive.

Thanks to Kimberly, Meliors, Loretta, Judy and Martha for all your wonderful stories and please keep them coming. They are more special than you could possibly know.

To my aunties and my uncle you are my first village. You all had a big part in me being who I am. I was with grandma and grandpa a lot growing up an was blessed with their love and was in the mix of whatever they had going on whether it be cooking or driving around on the emergency break picking up 4 carloads of people that needed a ride to church. They took me to church camp and on family adventures.

You are such a beautiful and diverse group of siblings. You all have a different story but it all seems to come back to love and grace no matter the path that you all have taken. We have a common thread, all of us. We saw love up close and with all the flaws we witnessed and were given unconditional love. Wow I am lucky!

I am getting to know my cousins more and more and they too are part of that legacy. We all seem to have some of the optimism that grandma served warm in her kitchen. We also have the strength she had to get done today what must be done no matter how she felt. She was no quitter and neither are we.

I remember having extreme discomfort in my sciatica during a pregnancy and was walking like a wounded duck. She said "Amy stand up straight and walk like it doesn't hurt and it will hurt less." she was right. She told me she always stood tall when she was carrying a child. She believed smiling could make you feel better and it does. Life was not easy for her but you never knew it by her smile.

I miss her everyday and you my dear family are my link to her and my larger than life grandpa. So lets continue sharing and remember the blessings. There were so many. So lets help with this feast of the heart.

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